photographer, creative educator & founder of Gladys & the Bubblettes Photo Booth Experiences. 

Offering relaxed & original wedding, engagement & family shoots, community & environmentally driven arts workshops, that are catalysts for larger collaborative public art projects through out the Uk & Europe.

Core to her ethos is inclusion, & arts access for all. Creativity is an innate function, a necessity to all, that can bring about individual & collective growth, social change & wonder.

Art is life. Life is Art. As human animals we are all artists, & each of our visions is as valid as the other's.

There is much dead space within our cities that can be utilised to bring better messages into the social sphere, small acts of visual kindness, representations of unity & hope. Compelled by the brutalist culture, the changing social landscape, her personal life challenges & inspired by 22 years of working in with the public in the Arts, education, hospitality, music industry & festivals.



"Idealism sees the world in God. It beholds the whole circle of persons & things, of actions & events, of country & religion, not as painfully accumulated atom after atom, act after act, in an aged creeping Past, but as on vast picture God paints on the instant of eternity for the contemplation of the soul"

- Ralph Waldo Emerson (1846)