I see life in everything

Ello sunshine... 

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very sad to hear of the passing of Milos Forman this morning, sad & angry about much, yet I know the huge influence his fluid, intelligent, connected film making had on me.

To most that know me, you probably already know. Those who don’t will get it straight away... I watched Hair as a pretty disconnected, shy & generally terrified 7 year old. The vibrancy of life, the ridiculousness with such an important & serious message, the choreography the music, I continually return to. 

then to discover his other great works as I got to a teenager only to realise how they had also influenced, inspired & taught me so much of my self. 


Thank you, your vision stands alone & my love for what you did in your time beyond words. Indeed ‘I got life’ & had named my new van Jean ‘Bukowski’ from Hair. At Glastonbury 2016 I said to myself I needed to become a warrior, a warrior to deal with this world, a dancing warrior to connect to that primal beat ... I feel like I am within your work in the way I engage with the world, become a part in the way I have fashioned my life & have been able to overcome so much in the strength you have taught. Will shall keep your torch burning bright.


dear links... are you working!! 

my world was turned upside down in 2016 & all I could repeat to myself was ‘everything happens for a reason’ 


Now I understand a little clearer to what I should be doing. Slowly cultivating, brewing, developing a number of ridiculous yet deep seated creative projects. Compelled to do my part, my duty in this crazy social climate.  


ONE- a project of unity & hope. many know of, many had an ear chewed over & new to so many! To start the project & give me a creative project I plan to paint/draw/ make/create a picture representing the project each day for 44 days to symbolise each unit of the installation. 

Day one.


 & a token shot of Tony fixing golden girl Gladys! 


Hello new World, Hello Spring, Ello sunshine ☀️

welcoming Gorgeous Gladys back into the world.


Many of you know we were involved in an accident in 2016, one which both cars were written off, in which we were all very lucky to come away with just bruises & Gladys even luckier, as she 360’ed in the middle of a busy A road & only had small splits in her front & back corners. This was in the middle of Gloucester, 10 minutes away from the beautiful #boondocksfestival however in my crazy serendipitous world the chap I crashed into grew up 20 minutes down the road from me in Cornwall!! 

With all the luck from the accident sadly my recovery & what can only be descibed as a vindictive bullying from the 3rd party representatives & the RAC left Gladys irreparable, apart from a complete rebuild. I am still continuing to chase for the RAC to take some accountability, but after 2 complaints, them turning it on my self that I had caused it all, deleting my whole accident from policy, incorrect & blatant lies on 2 subject access requests, complaints to FCA, financial Ombudsman & FCS ... I am still no closer to getting any resolution. So fuck it, fuck them ... all challenges are there to learn from & Gladys is returning to her glory. 


Watch this space for 2018’s new adventures! Onwards & upwards male corporate hedgefunding bullies can kiss my  ... Sweet ass hinge of a booty! 

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 Gladys and the bubblettes photo booth experience, Scotland Gladys and the bubblettes photo booth experience, Scotland