I see life in everything

Ello sunshine... 

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very sad to hear of the passing of Milos Forman this morning, sad & angry about much, yet I know the huge influence his fluid, intelligent, connected film making had on me.

To most that know me, you probably already know. Those who don’t will get it straight away... I watched Hair as a pretty disconnected, shy & generally terrified 7 year old. The vibrancy of life, the ridiculousness with such an important & serious message, the choreography the music, I continually return to. 

then to discover his other great works as I got to a teenager only to realise how they had also influenced, inspired & taught me so much of my self. 


Thank you, your vision stands alone & my love for what you did in your time beyond words. Indeed ‘I got life’ & had named my new van Jean ‘Bukowski’ from Hair. At Glastonbury 2016 I said to myself I needed to become a warrior, a warrior to deal with this world, a dancing warrior to connect to that primal beat ... I feel like I am within your work in the way I engage with the world, become a part in the way I have fashioned my life & have been able to overcome so much in the strength you have taught. Will shall keep your torch burning bright.