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earth lung. 2006


the repetitive patterns of nature fascinate & overwhelm my mental comprehension.

Trees are our life force & to ignore the similarities & our innate, fundamental relationship to them, I find simply ludicrous, in an intelligent world the West seems to be ignoring the bare 'roots' of necessity (forgive the pun). Below is a small analogy taken from a science paper.

Transcript of Respiratory System Analogy

The Leaves of the tree
The Bronchioles
The Tree Branches
The Bronchi
Tree Trunk
The Trachea
The tree trunk supports the tree, as the trachea does for the respiratory system.
The tree's roots
The Larynx
The trees roots are like the larynx because they connect to the trees trunk, like the larynx connects to the trachea
Respiratory System Analogy

The tree branches separate out into branches like the bronchi does from the larynx. The branches extend out to the leaves like the bronchi extends
The leaves of a tree act the same as bronchioles from the respiratory system. The leaves just like bronchioles, absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide.
Alejandra Cervantes
Esteban Albarran
Dylan Chiriff
Zimri Dominguez

tree spawn - ali cleary photography

Trees, nature, our environment & our relationship to them, are running themes through out my work.  At a time of fraught social tension we have all the solutions surrounding us, it is just a matter of accessing & reconnecting. Art & nature have innate functions in human being's lives, for we are both. Moving towards a more technological era of understanding, accepting & working with nature, & each other in the global community to me, seems the only rational, intelligent & ethical possible future. My work looks to question our relationships, offering different perspectives in a hope to find alternative solutions to becoming a better collective & cohesive society.