Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach

- temporary installation of the whole small novel written along the mile long, new sea wall defence on Marine Drive, Scarborough, UK. The book is considered a '70s self help classic' yet it is much more than that, a simple accessible, uplifting & inspiring tale of life, inclusive & understood at all ages, diversities & abilities. I was personally introduced to the book when I ended up in Scarborough as a wayward 16 year old. The town was one of warmth, friends, growth & happiness & the installation is a way to give something back to the town & its people.

Originally designed to run in conjunction with an artist in residence at The Old Parcel Sorting Office in Scarborough, unfortunately the council were less than supportive. The idea was to work with community groups producing workshops,  art works & an online open public gallery, encouraging literacy, sharing along the picturesque & historic Victorian promenade, decorating the intrusive & eastern bloc aesthetic of the new sea wall defence. 

The book being centred around 'the seagull' is both symbolic & ironic to Scarborough, 'Steven Seagal' the town's football mascot & reflective of the dominance of the seagull in the town & on the sea front. Not always a favoured resident!

due to be guerrilla installed (temporarily) in October 2017. in collaboration with &

the creative adventurists - no one else could be you
the creative adventurists - keep life right
Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach ali cleary
Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by Richard Bach
Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach

The Creative Adventurists

'Small Acts of Kindness'

Non intrusive, low cost, community inclusive photography, words & walking work shops

Each participant will produce a miniature temporary public installation, with the opportunity to be selected for large scale display, as a public art installation in their own community.

What to expect? we will create similar temporary installations to those on the link below

Learning outcome : Basic photography skills, investigate words/ lyrics/poetry/ texts, basic mindfulness & well being skills, & a chance to further explore local surroundings.

All participants will have the opportunity to be entered in an online public gallery, all will then be voted upon to decide which to install as the large scale installation. 

The project is supported by Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd (ITP Ltd) who have kindly offered to print high quality on vented sheeting, for respectful, non-intrusive display. 




A collaborative public art installation of large glass hearts ( each made by an independent glass artist), that are anchored by vertical heavy duty chain, central to each heart will be a 3d printed, replica human heart that pulses with light & sound.


Each individual piece's pulse will start out of sync, as a cacophony of heartbeats, over about 5 minutes the heart beats will become One strong united beat. Each beat will be the recording of each the glass artist. You will be able to personally interact with the piece using hand sensors & has the possibility for collaboration with musicians, dancers & performance artists.

The pieces will be free standing, easy to install & tour with, we would like to thank each contributor by displaying in an area of their choice, where permissions allow.

We have space arranged to display one piece at the Edinburgh Fringe, & have several small festivals planned to test both the technology & the response of the project. The whole project is intended for the new Dunbar Battery over the festive period & in St.Andrews Sq in January & February. Then intend to tour the UK & Europe. The built in speakers will also be able to play music & the hearts could act as a dance floor.

The intention is to fund each individual piece from an independent philanthropist sponsor, rather than business or corporate sponsor. The ethos of the project needs to be conveyed in all aspects of the collaboration, in it's authenticity, it's urgency for social change, & in opening up a dialogue & a space a collaborative beauty.

ONE-1 to 3 drawings - 2.jpg

Castle Street Forest by ali cleary.jpg


Perspection – tunnel vision

A 3D Photograph, you can literally step inside of, through & jump off into the sky where the path way leads. ( & onto a crash mat!)

Built from actual materials, hardwood ply for walls & shape, reclaimed brick & windows for the central path, the sky… as the sky. Gilded frame to extenuate the image from afar & add to the impression of stepping into it as a photograph.

Shot at the beginning of my journey with photography & at the start of me returning to education. It is taken in the smallest council estate in Europe, Park Lane in Leeds, 

Persection – Tunnel Vision  is an immersive & involved experience with the photograph, rethinking ideas of space & generally twisting ones melon a little.

The image, due to its straight lines & bold construct would be created as it is, with brick & window flooring (reclaimed) so you can literally step through the photograph. The tunnel getting smaller as you step in, shrinking yourself down. Until you can jump/ roll/ fall off the end into the sky (& on to a crash mat/ bouncy castle)

Forest of Fir Trees - Castle Street, Edinburgh January 2018

a forest of fir trees made up from the community's old Christmas trees created in the centre of Edinburgh by the community, & for the community as a one week interactive Arts & environment festival in January & celebrating Scotland old & new. 

Created by contributions, each aspect a local creation. Held for one week we wish to use every moment to host different small events, from intimate gigs to toddler nature trails, poetry readings, miniature cinemas, mobile steam rooms & eccentric school science trips. Offering local food, drink & art the forest will hold a small amphitheatre 

Bringing nature into the city at a cold & often grumpy time of year, part as a juxtaposition to the January sales akin to the Japanese temple, working with local environmental groups & gardening communities we would like to grow & install flora & fauna within the trees offering the smell & sense of a real fir forest.

A small festival to celebrate all of the people of Edinburgh, to offer some cohesion between social groups, families, individuals, businesses & establishments. An opportunity to become involved & offer some validation & ownership to the space we live in.

tunnel vision ©alicleary2000

To ensure affect, & stability of the build I would suggest Perspex roofing making it waterproofed, yet also making the participant crouch through the experience & not ruin the illusion by standing up & seeing the makings of the structure.

An alternative to this would be to make it much bigger/ longer & the ‘doorway’ that the participants will fall through could be adult height?

-       The contained option with Perspex roofing will be a more manageable size. Moved to alternative locations & would be suggested.

-       Second option larger would be a permanent creation.

The photograph should be positioned in the festival, so able to see from a far & straight on. It will be framed by a large gilded frame, in which the guests can step into.