repurpose, reframe, reclaim, recycle, rethink, reuse - life is a matter of perspective.

“Soul projects are delivery systems for our soul powers’ - Bill Plotkin, Soulcraft

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A collaborative public art installation of large glass hearts, that are anchored by vertical heavy duty chain, central to each heart will be a 3d printed, replica human heart that pulses with light & sound.

50 individual units, each will start independently, slowly pulsing light & sound, building into a cacophony of heartbeats & then slowly becoming ONE strong heartbeat. There will also be 3 other ways to experience the project, but we don't want to spill all the beans!

'a project for & by people, individuals coming together to create something bigger than themselves, to be involved in the project, to feel their individual contributions both financial & collaboratively are fundamental to the development & success of the art work'

kelburn shaman

Kelburn Garden Party words & photography

An abstract collection of my photographs taken around the Kelburn Estate, presented with evocative, uplifting & historic quotes of nature, life & living. Personal inspiration from the Transcendentalists, John Muir, George Bernard Shaw, Ralph Waldo Emerson, JK Rowling & Nan Shepherd. 


WW1 & WW2 Defence Architecture

The WW2 buildings that remain within John Muir Country Park are a humble reminder of what came before. 100 years after the end of the First World War I would like to humbly respect & remember our history, especially at times so fraught with uncertainty, fear & aggressive nationalism. The defences are dotted across our shoreline & are left in a state of vandalism, erosion & degradation. The idea is to create a peaceful, respectful & creative space for those walking. 

The inside of each will be painted, one white & one black. Each will be left with a bucket of either charcoals or white chalk - an open invitation to create work on the walls, for children, families & adults alike.

Further to this I would like to place a piano within both, for the warmer months, to be able to play within & to the forest.

90 degrees of seperation.jpg

REVERSE GRAFITTI - Dunbar Harbour, North Wall

In collaboration with locally born artist 'Paul Togneri', we have been invited to design a reverse graffiti art work on Dunbar Harbour's North wall. The above image by Paul will be central to the piece. 

It is integral to both of us that we represent, involve & include those immediate residents that live & work in the harbour. As Dunbar swiftly undergoes huge developments & influx in population we feel there is a need to bring both old & new members of the community together in a creative space of open communication & dialogue. 

Reverse graffiti is an ecological, respectful & non intrusive method of creating art work by cleaning dirt to create the artwork. First brought to life by 'Moose' in Leeds in the early 2000's.

90 degrees of Separation courtesy of artist & friend Paul Togneri.


Perspection – tunnel vision

A 3D Photograph, you can literally step inside of, through & jump off into the sky where the path way leads. ( & onto a crash mat!)

Use for events & festivals across the UK.



Turn on tune in drop out


Giant Light switch to 'turn your energy on' - you hit the switch & in your little booth, your feet vibrate, bass that moves you across dance floors hits your ears, heat blasted & a rainbow of lights lift from the floor. A sensory treat to tap into helping is feel again. 

Born from the line 'Leave a little light on' from Moving on by James. The band played the first set in Glastonbury, saturday morning, after 'Brexit' was announced. Understandably the atmosphere was numb. I walked to the front & back to find one face that looked mildly less grim & a faint smile. I stopped next to 2 acid house t'shirts & a young family.

Me & the mother danced & sung, only to realise when we spun around singing 'leave a little light on' that the majority had forgotten to even turn their lights on, let alone be able to leave it on! ... How do you help resuscitate a soul?

Yes James - Better than that. #wearejames 


jonathan livingston seagull by richard bach ali cleary photography

Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach

Scarborough's Marine Drive new sea defence wall is a mile long, the almost brutalist wall is the ideal canvas to share the wonderful classic fable 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull'.

45 pages of the much loved book were written temporarily over roughly 20 hours in oil chalks, so not to damage the wall. The excerpt offers a small glimpse into the story, an opportunity to share, read, enjoy & bemuse on while wandering the relatively recently renovated promenade. 

Created as a gift to the town, partly in humour due to the contentious history of the towns people & the infamous seagull, yet also a personal gift to some special people, that have always made my time in Scarborough feel life home.

smiling public toilet.jpg

Dunbar Public Toilet

Happiness is ... 

small acts of kindness, uncanny street art.

no one else could be you ©alicleary2017

I AM WE ARE - The Creative Adventurists

Non intrusive, low cost, community inclusive photography, words & walking work shops.

Each participant will produce a miniature temporary public installation, with the opportunity to be selected for large scale display, as a public art installation in their own community, festival or arts event.

Developed as part of my own healing journey after being tested from every angle in 2016 & as a response to the present social landscape of negativity. While walking I started leaving temporary positive affirmations in chalk & chalk paint unobtrusively, within the environment. This grew when I wrote 8 verses of 'Riches' by Adrian Cowley, a friend & poet. Through kind support from ITP Ltd these were printed large scale on vented sheeting, & placed as installations at festivals & communities in the UK.