Dunbar Harbour - The North Wall Reverse Graffiti Project

Working with local artist, Paul Togneri, the fishermen, residence & Dunbar Harbour Trust to create a temporary mural on the Victorian Harbour's concrete North wall. 

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Reverse graffiti is a non intrusive, ecological & relatively low cost creative medium. The technique is to clean the design onto the wall using large stencils & a power washer to remove the dirt. First developed in Leeds in the early 2000's by the artist & musician Moose. I was lucky enough to work alongside Moose, while on my art foundation year & I was always intrigued to experiment with the process. Dunbar Harbour Trust are keen to tidy up & produce an art work on the concrete North wall of the harbour. The wall protects the harbour from the harsh strong north sea waves, & during the winter months the wall is constantly showered by the waves coming over. The wall is 90m in length & 3m in height, a huge space to work with & also an extremely prominent space viewed by the town. Reverse graffiti allows us to create a temporary, non intrusive mural, which we hope will be the starting point to continued works on the wall. 

It is fundamental to involve, engage & represent the immediate resident's both working & living in the harbour. The town is undergoing huge changes, an attack of new developments, parking constraints & a immediate changes with little communication with the locals. The town is becoming homogenised with no infrastructure or support to the families who have lived & worked in the area for decades if not centuries. Art is a space for dialogue, open communication & inclusive, collaborative transformation.

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The central piece '90 degrees of separation' is by locally cultivated, Edinburgh based, artist, Paul Togneri. Either side will branch out representing the different approaches to the harbour ; The fishermen, the residence & The Dunbar Harbour Trust.

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On the left side of '90 degrees' will be the stencilled ECG of who is considered to be the heart of the harbour, by the residents, by the fishermen & the immediate residence of the harbour.

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The right side will be a visual representation of a song prominent o the people of Dunbar, or invariably Scotland. Which will be visualised in part to create a wave form that represents the song or the way it is played. Preferably wave to tie into the harbour & the people.

90 degrees of separation Paul Togneri
90 degrees of separation by Paul Togneri.
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