Riches a poem by Adrian Cowley, the final performance from Glastonbury 2016. A wonderful friend & a poem deserved of celebrating.

With kind sponsor from Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd, we have been able to print this on 'vented sheeting' which has been installed respectfully, in public spaces & festivals. Although I am not a promoter of plastics, this is reusable & has allowed us to keep sharing. we are very grateful for the support at ITP Ltd & it feels progressive, collaborating, opening up a dialogue to get better messages into the public domain. They are keen to work together on the community workshops & have been very encouraging towards The Creative Adventurists. 

The work has been displayed on Dunbar Harbour in association with the New Dunbar Battery & Dunbar Harbour Trust, also at The Old Sawmill Party  & The Kelburn Garden Party

Available for installation for festivals, & public spaces, respectful display upon heras fencing & in 'dead spaces'.

Riches Installation example The creative adventurists, by adrian cowley & ali cleary
ali cleary photography poetree installations with the creative adventurists & ITP Ltd