The Creative Adventurists

Exactly what it says, we want to help others get involved in creating, we are about low cost, community inclusive creative workshops, exhibitions & public art.

Giving a platform for positive provocation in a brutalist culture.

just enough ego to survive - ali cleary photography
Differences matters not, decency does
keep life right - ali cleary photography

This is a personal collection, some touching a little on twee, some a little political, some social, some considered & some not... They were part of a cathartic process from the black hole i was also sucked into, in 2016, a response to the taught social landscape & a lead on from the earlier proposed 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull Project', which I had hoped to temporarily write along the new mile long sea defence wall, around Marine Drive, Scarborough, North Yorkshire.  Due to council objections the project was put on a back burner (more details coming).