Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out


Giant Light switch to 'turn your energy on' - you hit the switch & in your little booth, your feet vibrate, bass that moves you across dance floors hits your ears, heat blasted & a rainbow of lights lift from the floor. A sensory treat to tap into helping is feel again. 

turn on tune in drop out switches.jpg

Born from the line 'Leave a little light on' from Moving on by James. The band played the first set in Glastonbury, saturday morning, after 'Brexit' was announced. Understandably the atmosphere was numb. I walked to the front & back to find one face that looked mildly less grim & a faint smile. I stopped next to 2 acid house t'shirts & a young family.

Me & the mother danced & sung, only to realise when we spun around singing 'leave a little light on' that the majority had forgotten to even turn their lights on, let alone be able to leave it on! ... How do you help resuscitate a soul?

Yes James - Better than that. #wearejames